Saturday, April 22, 2006

Running Low on Cash?

Sell your child! At least, that is what a man in Appleton, WI decided to do. Luckily for the child, the couple he tried to sell her to was looking for a legitimate adoption, and his reluctance to involve lawyers, etc set off alarm bells for them.

I mean, I understand private adoptions are perfectly legal and often involve money changing hands in the form of gifts, and that's fine, as long as welfare of the child is being looked at. When done through the proper channels, private adoptions still try to ensure the child goes to a good home as best they can. But "Give me $7000 and I'll just drop my baby off with you" is a little scary.

The saddest part of the whole thing is the last line of the article. Referring to the charges against the father, "Vu 'understands what's going on and thinks it's very unfair,' Bartman said."

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