Thursday, April 13, 2006


Ok, I am sure many of you have come across this story already.

For those who haven't, and don't feel like clicking the link to the article, a couple in Kansas City, MO have been accused of falsely claiming they had parented sextuplets.

According to the article, the couple have claimed the motivation was their financial difficulties. They crafted their tale to tug on the heartstrings....with Sarah Everson (the female of the couple) waxing poetical about the difficulties of the pregnancy, and crying over their state of health and upcoming surgeries.

The thing that truly bothers me about this is not their inflated sense of entitlement (although it is huge, manipulating the kindness of strangers to pay their debts) but that for those people who heard of a couple they thought were in genuine need and gave what they could, they have been given a shockingly abrupt example of the greed and untrustworthiness of others.

My favorite statement from the happy couple was quoted in this article.

Reached by phone late Tuesday, Sarah Everson offered no explanation for the hoax.

"I'm not talking to anybody right now," she said, "because nobody gets it."

I'm sure nobody does get it. No one with scruples, anyway.

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