Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dude! Smells Like A Party!

Firefighters in Wadsworth, OH thought it strange when while responding to a housefire, the apparent owner pulled a Houdini and fled the scene.

That is, they thought it strange until they made it into the basement, where they found a thriving marijuana grow op.

Personally, I would have thought the neighbors trying to inhale all the smoke and having a block party would have been the give-away there.

Ok, ok, so there was no mention of a block full of mellow neighbors having to make emergency 7-11 runs. But really, can't you just picture it?

Neighbor A- Oh, dude, those trucks are soooooo red.
Neighbor B- Yeah, and the flashing lights are totally tripping me out
Firefighter- Can everyone please stand back? We don't want anyone getting hurt, and you're blocking emergency vehicles!
Neighbor C- Chill dude! Just relax and enjoy the pretty fire
Neighbor B- Yeah! Fire pretty!
Neighbor A- Does anyone have any Doritos?

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