Saturday, April 15, 2006

Gives a Whole New Meaning....

To the phrase "shooting yourself in the foot".

According to the article, a DEA agent shot himself in the foot during a gun safety lecture at a school two years ago. Footage of the incident made the rounds of news and internet, and so now he is suing the agency because "he claims co-workers have turned him into the biggest joke on the Internet."

The referenced article has the video footage available for viewing. It's great. Right after saying "I am the only one in the room who can handle a gun" it goes off, shooting him either in the leg or foot. (As you can;t see the actual wound, it's unclear where the shot landed.) He then calms the crowd, asking if everyone is all right, and then goes on with his lecture! At one point, he asks an assistant to hand him another, larger gun (I think a rifle, but I am no gun expert) at which point the crowd becomes rather loud, and it appeared to me they were a bit apprehensive about him actually touching another gun, so he relents, and lets the assistant put it away again. I could be interpreting that bit wrong, the audio was a bit fuzzy, but I really think I am right. Feel free to chime in with your own interpretations of it.

I know accidents will happen, but when you are putting yourself out there as an expert on something, you pretty much have to live the consequences of letting them happen in a public arena, not sue because you feel like everyone is laughing at you

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