Thursday, April 13, 2006

Brain Candy

I decided to create this blog, because, well, I was jealous. I have my other blog, of course, the one I created for my crochet stuff, but quite frankly, there is only so much I can say about my crochet without becoming terminally boring. And I'd see my bf posting in his almost daily, and I'd feel jealous.

I know, I envy is kinda sad. But it's there, so there ya go.

I decided to create this one, to post about things that catch my interest, in the news, politically, in my every day life. Most of it's is probably going to end up pretty light-hearted, (Such as the sign I saw the other day in an office supply store proclaiming a product to be $9.98, regular price $8.98. the funniest part was when I pointed it out to an employee, they didn't see the issue at first).

I still have some work to do with links, etc. But I figure there is enough bizarre and interesting stuff in this world, that I should get to post here fairly often.

Sit back, and enjoy the intellectual binge-fest.

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