Saturday, March 03, 2007


I admit it. I am guilty of complaining about my life. Complaining I don't have enough money when I have a roof over my head, plenty to eat, and enough to get myself a few extras that I enjoy. I have a wonderful man in my life, and though we may have our differences, I have a family that I know will always be there for me when things are rough. The book collection in our apartment is likely larger than the libraries of some small towns. I have the luxury of having free time.

Today, I was reading at one of my favorite blogs, which I have in my links section to your left, Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds, and I came across this post. In a blog where I read for humor and satire, I found this little nugget of perspective. Please, go over there and read it. I know it's a month old post, but it's well worth it.

I have to say, reading that, and picturing how poor that family must be that $40 worth of groceries makes or breaks them, nearly broke my heart. And the fact that there is someone out there like the authors mother, who steps up to the plate and lent a hand restores my faith in humanity. And it makes me realize just how very lucky I am. So thank you to the author of Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds for sharing that. I needed it.

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Wide Lawns Subservient Worker said...

You're welcome! Thank YOU.