Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ok, I admit it

I used to scoff at those people who would spend hours playing a game. Who could think of nothing but that game while at work, on the bus, shopping, watching TV, or whatever.

And then I found Virtual Villagers. I think it is safe to say, this is one of the cutest, most addictive games ever invented.

This is a game in which you are responsible for caring for refugee villagers who have fled the destruction of their own island. You have to help them gain "tech points" in order to learn to farm, fish, build, heal, all of that fun stuff. There are also 16 puzzles/milestones that you have to get your villagers to solve. Some of them are easy to figure out, some require some puzzling. I found myself getting proud and excited every time they solved one.

I read an interview with the development company, and apparently there are sequels planned. I can't wait.

Also, I am building my nest egg now so I'll have no distractions when it does come.

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